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Published in Ideas Tap Magazine!!

I’m grinning like an idiot to see my writing in print. I know I blog here, but I’ve just got my first commissioned piece of writing around photography published. You can read it over on the Ideas Tap website.  It’s for professional photographers, giving advice about staying safe when working on location – but the tips are also useful for hobbyists.

A lot of people reading this will be aware that I was in a car crash on my way to a shoot back in January this year. The article that was commissioned by Ideas Tap was based on that incident, with the objective of outlining some safety precautions for professional photographers working on location (particularly those working abroad).

Few professional photographers bother to learn first aid, even though it is actually a legal requirement for operating a business (and a really useful skill for anyone working on location!). The professional photographers who do learn first aid at work skills usually do so because either (a) they work in conflict zones, or (b) they’ve learned it for one of their hobbies (e.g. adventure sports, or open water swimming). I’m hoping this article will help encourage more professional photographers to realise the need to improve their basic safety skills, to keep them and their clients safe.

One thing the crash has reminded me to do is to book in for first aid at work training – I grew up learning first aid for a variety of hobbies (water lifesaving skills, etc), but I know I need to update my qualifications for my own safety and for that of my clients. Fortunately, events like these are incredibly rare, but when they happen it is important to have the right skills to stay safe!


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Published in Ideas Tap Magazine!!