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New Photography Gear

I’m no gear addict, but I upgrade my professional photography equipment regularly to give my clients the highest value when they work with me. Recently, I’ve acquired some new gear, and seen some new developments in the professional photography equipment industry that have grabbed my attention…

New Professional Photography Equipment

I’m now the owner of three new photography tools that will help me increase the value I can offer clients.

  1. Nikon D800 – I love this full frame 36MP camera. I’ve been planning to change to this model for a while now.
  2. Orbis Ring Flash Modifier – Haha, I hear you already, “Ring flash is overused in portraits!!” But that’s not what I bought it for. Nope, this handy little tool entered my studio for two reasons – using it as a general fill light for smaller studio shoots and, more valuably, using it for event photography.
  3. Manfrotto Monopod – Very useful bit of kit – good for steadying dSLR video work, supporting camera/lenses for sports photography, and small enough to be a mainstay in my bag for events and general photo walks.

And I’m seriously looking at digital medium format cameras. They are the standard bearer for professional photography equipment if you value the best image quality available. I have been ever since I got a Leica S2 on loan, back in 2012, and was stunned by the quality of the files for portraiture. But the price makes it quite prohibitive, and the sensors make it unusable in low light situations. Both of those factors were true of all digital medium format cameras, but it’s looking like things are changing. Pentax are on the verge of releasing a new model in their medium format line, with a rumoured $8,500 price tag. Unfortunately for us Brits, we can likely convert that to Sterling just by substituting the $ sign for the £ sign. Still, it’s a lot better than the £20k prices we were looking at just a couple of years ago. Let’s hope this is the start of a wider price-drop in the digital medium format market. I’m planning to move to that platform anyway, but a price drop could see me make the change sooner rather than later.  Check out more information here.

For location photography, I’m really tempted by the prospect of these Western Digital Pro Thunderbolt Raid hard drives. That’s dual-drive RAID storage, powered from your laptop. Short of breaking the bank on a set of high-capacity Solid State Drives, this may well be both the fastest and safest option for data management while working on location. And here’s more info about the WD drives.

Professional photography equipment photographed in black and white

My new gear ;-)


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New Photography Gear