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London Balcony Home To Mandarin Ducks

I’ve been waking up very early recently. My alarm clock is distinctive and loud. It’s this Mandarin Duck, and I photographed it on one of those sleepy-eyed mornings after it gave me a crude 5am wake up call. I love wild animals, but I really wish they’d be more polite when deciding to make my balcony their home. Still, I quite like this image, if only because I haven’t seen many photographs of ducks in urban settings other than community parks or ponds.


It is very different to the corporate portrait photography that is my business, but I couldn’t resist grabbing my Nikon and capturing a portrait of the strange duck I could see on my balcony. Turns out, it is an elegant Mandarin duck, and very cool indeed (if noisy).


Mandarin Duck

Mandarin duck on a London urban balcony

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London Balcony Home To Mandarin Ducks