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Good Morning

Landscape photography – Greenwich Observatory, London, UK. Early sunrise hours of morning.

As a professional photographer, you sometimes find yourself burning the candle right through to morning. This was one of those nights. Fortunately, we have a balcony in our Deptford penthouse apartment and the morning sun was burning red. A perfect time to capture an interesting landscape photograph, especially with the wonderful mackerel sky adding texture to the over saturated morning sun. Skies make or break landscape photographs, and I had a great one. What I didn’t have was much time – that’s the other piece of gold dust in making great landscape photography. You need time or foresight to plan for the image. All I had was the need to take a break from Photoshop. I quickly grabbed my camera and set about making the image you see here. Admittedly you can’t see much of the landscape itself, but I think when you’ve got a great colour in the sky, some awesome clouds, and some well known landmarks, silhouette landscape photography can work incredibly well. What do you think?

Landscape photography of Greenwich Observatory, South East London, UK.

Landscape photograph of Greenwich Observatory, South East London, UK.

Landscape photography can be a meditative working process – if you’re using a tripod it really slows the shooting process so you spend more time thinking about the small details than if you were just snapping away. It’s an excellent exercise that feeds back into everything I do. Landscape photography makes all of my work more thoughtful and considered.

Please drop a note in the comment box below with your thoughts on landscape photography – is it something you love? Or something you could live without?

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Good Morning