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Event Photography: Photographing The Tour Of Britain Finale

Another event photography shoot. I spent the day hanging in my old stomping gourd – Westminster, London, UK. Yeah, I used to work there. But this wasn’t a political photo shoot, I was there to capture images of the Tour of Britain finale.

I was shooting with both Nikon dSLRs and Olympus micro four thirds – I figured the latter might be better for some candids. But it turned out that the professional cyclists were very approachable and didn’t mind me getting in there to make some frames.


I’ll be honest, I’m not a cyclist. My partner is, but I’m usually carrying so much photography gear that it makes more sense to take the tube or a taxi instead. But he makes me watch the major tours and I’ve learned a lot in recent years about the nuances of cycling. I gotta say I have mad respect for anyone who can cycle category 3 climbs on consecutive days! I know I couldn’t do that!

Event Photography Tips

Event photography is often as much about the audience as it is about the performers, so I was eager to show this in my work from the day. I knew it would be hard to get a stand out image of the race itself, particularly as I would be up against people who solely photograph cycling races. In addition, my ability to get a spectacular image from the race would depend on something visually interesting happening during the race, which I couldn’t guarantee. So I decided I’d be better off looking for more candid images of the professional cyclists as they had a rest after the race, as well as photographs of the crowd enjoying the event. This worked really well, as I knew the cyclists were very approachable and open after a race. Unlike most other major sporting events, I knew there’d be opportunities to make some interesting event photographs showing them relaxing post-race. There’s a real family atmosphere to cycling like that, which I love.


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Event Photography: Photographing The Tour Of Britain Finale