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Event Photography: Olympus UK at London’s Icetank Studios

Studio model shoot in London

Branding Event by Olympus UK and Yomego, London, UK.

Olympus Camera UK have been holding events to promote their micro four thirds range of cameras, and they invited me to this event at London’s Icetank Studios – a studio shoot with a professional model, with the entire range of Olympus cameras and lenses to try out. Pretty cool, eh?

As I often create event photography for my clients, I couldn’t help testing out their newest gear by making some event photographs while people were working with the model. All images in this post were made using the Olympus OM-D EM-5.

The event was organised by Yomego, a professional and savvy branding company based in London and Glasgow (need branding? check them out). They invited a small group of people, and really laid on a great event – good food, an awesome studio for the venue, and the talented Jay McLaughlin as the photographer overseeing the shoot, and giving advice. Most people there had never shot in a studio before, so this was a great introduction for them.

As I regularly work on studio shoots for my commercial photography, I couldn’t help feeling like I should let the other attendees spend more time with the model, while I took a back seat and investigated the gear on show. Most of the people Olympus had invited had never shot in a studio before – this was a great initiative by Olympus to give them a wonderful new experience to push their photography with!

Olympus OM-D Camera Series

The Olympus OM-D series is a key range of cameras in the four thirds range that are revolutionising photography. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but with quality that is more than enough for professional work. A great range of lenses (Olympus have the best range in this format, and benefit from being compatible with the Panasonic 4/3 range, too). Jay astutely noted how the smaller size of the OM-D means you don’t “disappear” behind it in the way that you do with a dSLR, so it’s great for maintaining rapport with your subjects. And the retro design only helps with that – when I carry my camera in public, I regularly get strangers asking me about it. This camera is a connector.

And the images below should aptly demonstrate that the camera rocks for both commercial studio photography, and event photography…

Corporate photography by a professional photographer

The Olympus OM-D range is superb for many commercial photography uses.


Event Photography

When it comes to making great event photography, there are a few important things to cover:

  1. Show the story of the event.
  2. Include company/sponsor branding whenever appropriate. And,
  3. Get a good mix of images, including portraits of individuals (candid or posed), and group compositions.
  4. Make sure that at least some of the images are candid – posed event photography can look great, but a gallery that only consists of posed images can look fake while strong candid images have more authenticity to them. And no amount of “saying cheese” will ever beat a natural smile… ;-)


All that said, here’s  a little visual story of the day:


Studio model photography behind the scenes

Jay is an expert at getting people to relax and have fun on his shoots.

Jay teaching photography

While shooting, he keeps talking to event attendees, encouraging them to try out the cameras themselves.

Event photography London branding experience

And everyone is stoked to have the Olympus range to play with

Branding event by Yomego

A future Bailey?

Professional photographer in London

Jay McLaughlin

Studio photography shoot

Adam from travelsofadam blog in his first studio shoot.

Event photography in London for Olympus UK

Everyone was stoked to get their chance to work with the model, Rebecca Pearson.

Behind the scenes of a studio portrait session

Jay was careful to explain to Rebecca what level of experience attendees had.

Candid photograph of photography teacher

And he spent time giving great tips to everyone.

Behind the scenes of a photoshoot

I took the chance to fit the Olympus logo in when these guys were chatting with the Rebecca.

Event photography for camera company

As well as the studio shoot, Olympus had great staff on hand to explain their products.

Behind the scenes of a photography session

Olympus caught some frames as people were photographing with the model.

Model in photography studio

Rebecca was great to work with.

London event photograph

And the small group of invitees had an awesome time.









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Event Photography: Olympus UK at London’s Icetank Studios