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Corporate Video Production – New Service!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve recently been undertaking corporate video production for some of my clients, in addition to producing high quality stills images. It’s something I’ve been keen to integrate into the services that ST84Photography provides for businesses and creative individuals.

Now, I’ve developed the service to the stage where I can comfortably accommodate shooting both stills and video footage during a shoot, and provide extremely high quality results across the board. 

Corporate Video Production – What Makes ST84Photography Unique?

Many photographers have moved into video production since dSLR cameras began featuring video capability as a standard feature in recent years. But my corporate video production benefits from many years of experience in audio production which many photographers simply can’t match. High quality audio can make or break a corporate video production, so it is crucial to get right, and I have the experience and equipment to guarantee it.

When it comes to audio, I have:

  1. Over 10 years of experience recording on 4-track and 8-track mixing desks and with digital computer audio workstations (Steinberg’s Cubase and Nuendo, and Apple Logic)
  2. Over 10 years of experience micing audio in the studio and live venues – including for sold out gigs at The Royal Albert Hall and the Hammersmith Apollo
  3. My own recording equipment, suitable for both studio and field recording
  4. 20 years of experience as a performing musician


In addition to this, my friends are highly experienced videographers. My move into corporate video production took a while, because I first spent a lot of time learning from them and developing strong skills in video editing. I’ve also slowly begun building up the equipment I have that specifically helps with corporate video production. I continue to learn, and continue to build my equipment inventory.

When it comes to corporate video production editing skills I have:

  1. Several years of practice working in video editing software
  2. Skills using Adobe Premier Pro (video editing suite)
  3. Skills using Adobe Speed Grade (colour grading for colouring video footage to create a unique style for my clients)
  4. Skills using Adobe After Effects for producing titles sequences
  5. A lot of taste – I plan shoots so they look great but are relaxing for my clients to participate in 

How Can My Business Benefit From Corporate Video Production?

People buy from people and brands that they trust. Corporate video production can really help achieve that for you by crafting short movies about your brand’s story. By putting your brand’s story and the people who made it into a medium like video, you can reach a wider audience and build greater trust with them. Corporate video production done right shows a human element to a faceless brand. It gives an accent, a rhythm, and a tone.

Social media is increasingly becoming a major marketing platform for businesses, and photography and video content is the most shared content around. If you’re not commissioning this kind of content for your business, you are probably not making the most of your social media strategy. I keep my videos simple in planning, and high in quality. So you can be assured of content that will grow with you.

Where Can I See ST84Photography Corporate Video Productions For Myself?

Unfortunately, the work I’ve done for clients so far can’t be shown publicly. The videos form part of an education package for the healthcare sector, so I can’t embed them here or it will devalue the product for my client. What I can do is show you the work in person when we meet to discuss your project. I also have some video productions lined up that I will be able to show here – I’ll update this post as soon as I can share those with you. I’d love to know what you think of them!


How Can I Book ST84Photography For Corporate Video Production?

That bit’s easy – send me an email letting me know about your business, any ideas you have for the video, and when you will need it by. I’ll get back to you very quickly, to build a quote for you and set a meeting where we can plan your carefully crafted corporate video production – I really look forward to working with you on this!

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Corporate Video Production – New Service!