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About ST84Photography Blog

Hi there, I’m Sara and I run ST84Photography, a commercial photography business in London serving a range of corporate and creative clients. Before ST84Photography, I learned about image making from a lot of top photographers. And long before ST84Photography was even an idea, I was running around doing other creative things like playing guitar and rigging lights for rock bands. I even made it to the Royal Albert Hall!

When I began photographing things, I was completely obsessed with using a documentary style. This still informs the majority of my work at ST84Photography. An authentic image can be the most compelling story! But drawing from my background in theatrical and event lighting, I’ve also developed a passion for studio lighting and portrait retouching.

The ST84Photography blog serves to show more work than is featured on my portfolio. It’s also my place to share all the latest ST84Photography news, and provide advice for my clients and tips for fellow photographers.

ST84Photography Blog – Contents

The best way to navigate ST84Photography Blog is either by checking out the latest posts or, by using the categories listed at the bottom of every page. If you have something really specific that you’re looking for, use the search box which also lives at the bottom of every page.

Here’s an overview of some of the areas I frequently write about:

Tips For Clients

I’ve published a variety of articles, based on the kinds of questions my clients pose about photography. I’m always interested to know what other topics I can help you answer! Please drop me a note about it using my ST84Photography Contact Page, and I’ll answer your question for you.

Case Studies From Past Shoots

My ST84Photography portfolio often only features one image from a shoot I’ve done. This is to give you a wider variety of examples of work I’ve created. The Case Studies on this blog feature more images from shoots I’ve done, and give you a bit of behind the scenes information about the shoot, too. That information includes technical info, but focusses on the thought process behind the project – this is ideal reading if you’re planning a similar type of project, as it discusses why I’ve planned things the way I did.

Tips For Photographers

While ST84Photography blog isn’t primarily aimed at giving photographers a lot of tips, I make an effort to post interesting content that covers photography topics and tips I haven’t seen written about much elsewhere.


ST84Photography blog is also home to some reviews of key equipment and services I’ve found invaluable as a professional photographer. The links to products are often affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase something through them (but you pay the same price as if you didn’t use the link!). That said, I only ever use affiliate links to promote products I’ve personally used and have personally found to be great pieces of kit for professional photography. 

ST84Photography Commercial Portfolio


My portrait portfolio includes a range of actors head shots, business head shots, environmental portraits, and lifestyle portraits.

Event & PR Photography

My event & PR photography portfolio primarily features corporate events and trade shows.

Music Photography

My music portfolio features images from numerous gigs, ranging from small jazz gigs to stadium pop shows.

Built Environment

My built environment portfolio features architectural photographs from around the world.

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